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HQ Memberships

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  • $ 100
    • Open seating
    • Up to 12 days per month
    • Monday – Friday, 8AM – 6PM
  • GROW
  • $ 250
    • Open seating
    • Unlimited days
    • Monday – Friday, 8AM – 6PM
    • Business address and mail delivery
  • $ 400
    • Personal, permanent desk
    • 24/7 access
    • Business address and mail delivery
    • Storage
  • $ 400+
    • Private office with locked door
    • Spaces range from 100sqft to 250sqft
    • Ability to combine multiple offices
    • 24/7 access
    • Business address and mail delivery

One week free trial and day passes also available!

Amenities Include

The Necessities

Electricity, water, bathroom, and a kitchen with snacks and coffee

Secure, High-Speed Internet

400mbps down & 20mbps up; Fiber available with private office memberships
Pad lock


Each member receives a custom code to enter the building in order to keep it secure
Parking Spot


Parking available on-site with an option to reserve a spot

Private conference space fit with a flatscreen TV & Google Chromecast
Keurig, microwave, and fridge in a large shared kitchen space
Opportunity to get mail delivered (pending)
24/7 access to building through a private entrance with individual codes per employee
Comes with a kitchen cabinet to store personal items in

Secure, locked campus at all times
Decent access to a small private parking lot and close by public parking
Video surveillance
Access to a shared conference room with mounted TV and phone line
Recommendations on great restaurants
Featured listing on HQ Website

"My favorite thing about Headquarters is having our own little office and getaway when needed?but also the element of collaboration and the ability to talk with other people. Coworking has helped SoFriendly through just the random conversations you have with other members and the ability to problem solve. Being in the middle of Kissimmee is great, there?s so much potential for growth here, and I?m excited to see where we end up in the coming years."

Jordan Walker Director of Marketing at SoFriendly